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About Us

About Us

Kinetx was founded by two physical therapists over 11 years ago, with over 45 years combined experience in the field.  They felt that the rehab treatment offered to patients by hospitals and other larger clinics was often “cookbook”, rushed, methodical and impersonally managed. For that reason the two felt they needed to develop a better approach.

Kinetx is focused on the patient-therapist relationship. The clinic works to give each patient individual attention. We foster an environment where each persons needs are heard and addressed by a qualified physical therapist. This new and improved approach is the foundation of the Kinetx Rehab Clinic and is how we practice to this day.

We specialize in orthopedic injuries of any type, whether they arise on the job, from a sport, motor vehicle accident, or just as a consequence of normal wear and tear. Kinetx is also qualified to see patients with neurological problems.

Kinetx Rehab believes in “hands on” treatment and practices a specialized approach in physical therapy treatment know as manual therapy. Our philosophy includes providing programs for our patients that allows them to continue their treatment independently at home as well as at the clinic.

Our treatment approach is tailored to the individual and can be as “high tech” or basic as they require. Our staff regularly attends continuing education programs in order to keep current with the latest approaches in physical therapy, and meets regularly with physicians in order to be aware of the advances in their practices.

Kinetx is happy to offer job site and ergonomic analysis as well as work conditioning and return to work assessments. We are happy to speak on a variety of topics and feel the need to be involved in our community and profession at this level.

Please email us with any questions you have.