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Earlier this week, we discussed why physical therapy is important post-injury. However, physical therapy has a broad variety of applications and can also be used for chronic pain relief. For those living with chronic pain, read on!

Physical therapy chronic pain relief

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There are many types of chronic pain. We’ve all read the articles that encourage those with chronic pain to stay active. But for those living with pain, the question is often: how? Many times the normal exercises we’re used to can exacerbate the pain.

And no one wants to be physically active while they’re hurting!

Physical therapy can help. A trained physical therapist works with you to craft a treatment plan for you. With this treatment plan, the therapist is balancing many factors. First, she is helping to reduce pain and swelling. And second, she is looking to increase your flexibility, build strength and improve mobility.

Typically, physical therapy for chronic pain relief includes stretching, weight lifting, gentle cardio and core strengthening. Many of these exercises can be done at home, without fancy equipment. And that’s important for those managing chronic pain.

In addition to exercise, your therapist may recommend manual therapy (like we do at Kinetx), ultrasound or electrical stimulation, heat or cold, or ergonomic evaluation. All of these components are geared for chronic pain relief.

When looking for a physical therapist, consider one who specializes in your health problems. Many therapists are board-certified in specialized areas. You’ll also want a therapist who listens carefully to your concerns. Remember, this person will be your partner.

Physical therapy can be an important step on the path to chronic pain relief. If you’re living with chronic pain, talk to your doctor about whether physical therapy is the right path for you. And if you’ve used physical therapy, tell us about what’s worked for you in the comments!